Thursday, March 28, 2013

Working on the new summer exhibits!

Summer of 2013 will bring two unique exhibitions to Nagu!

The history of maritime trade and shipping in 19th century Åboland will be shown in on exhibit this summer in two separate and unique exhibitions in Nagu's Maritime House. The Russian period enabled Åboland's shipping to greatly expand and sailors from Korpo, Nagu, Pargas, Åbo and Kimito made numerous circumnavigations under the Imperial Russian flag. Sailors from Åboland linked together the Russian Empire which spanned two continents from what today is Finland in the west and Alaska and Siberia in the far east.

Image 1. Model of an Aleutian kayak, ca.1865.
The "Beyond Siberia" exhibit will be unique as it will only display objects that have been hidden from the public for more than an century. Most of these forgotten objects have been hidden away in storages in various schools around Finland.

This summer's second exhibition “Shapes in the sea” will give the visitor an insight into the unique ship wrecks that are to be found in our beautiful archipelago. These photographs bear witness to the unforgiving and dangerous nature of the sea, giving us the opportunity to see what the ship wrecks looks like after 200 years on the bottom of the sea.

This summer's exhibitions coincides with the 200 year anniversary for Åbo's Maritime training and education (Aboa Mare) which started in 1813. Some of the displayed items are part of Aboa Mares' forgotten collections. Crew lists of local sailors that sailed to Alaska will be published during this exhibit. This offers an excellent opportunity for local people to do some research on their own family history.

With this we welcome you to an exciting experience in our museums in Pargas and Nagu!

Image 1. Marcus Lepola

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